Saturday, August 1, 2009

// reaching out to touch HIM

Last night at the EXPERIENCE, Pastor Edwin said something during his message that really hit me. He spoke about the lady with the issue of blood. We often hear people mention that so many people were touching Jesus, but something different happened when this lady “touched” HIM. I never realized this, but she never actually touched HIM. The Word says in Luke 8:44 that she "touched the border of His garment". She never touched HIS body. When Jesus asked the disciples who touched him, they responded by saying that they didn’t know because of the many people that were pressing up against HIM. As she touched HIS clothes she didn't realize that what she was reaching for was HIS power. Pastor Edwin said that she reached for HIS anointing. Near the end of chapter two in the book of John, it talks about how many people believed in Jesus because of the many miracles HE did. Verse 24 tells us that HE did not commit HIMSELF to them because he knew all men. What that means is that HE knew their hearts. They were all about JESUS because of what HE was doing. Their hearts were not in it. When the lady with the issue of blood went looking for HIM, it was all about her heart. She had to press through the crowd, she had to crawl on her knees, and she probably got pushed around, but she went looking for a change while everyone else who was already touching HIM was just looking for a thrill. As long as you reach for God with all your heart, leaving everything behind, you don't have to touch HIM, HIS anointing will touch you. Thank you Pastor Edwin, C3 Youth Choir, and Soul Purpose ym.

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