Tuesday, September 22, 2009

//Under His Wing Ps 36:7

So today I had to run out and get some things for our Homecoming Convention. As I was driving around, I pulled up to a stop light. To my left was one of those ambulance- looking vans that transports elderly people around. As I watched these 2 guys bring this elderly man out I noticed that they had him strapped to this chair. It wasn't a wheel chair, but it had 2 small wheels on the back and they leaned the chair back and moved the elderly man around. You may have seen this type of chair because some ambulances have them. The terrible part about this is that they were carting this man around as if they were delivering supplies on a hand truck. I was so disgusted. The worst part was this-as they came to the curb, they did not gently roll the chair over the curb. They almost jumped the curb. It was awful and I was so upset. I was staring at them wishing they would look my way, but they didn't. When I looked up, the light was green and it was green for some time. As I proceeded to cross the intersection, I did so slowly because I was looking at how these 2 guys were manhandling this elderly gentleman. Then, suddenly, this car comes flying through the light. This man just ran the red light! As I hit my breaks and slammed on my horn, the man put his hands up in fear because he just realized he ran the red light. I guess he was too scared to hit the breaks because he never slowed down. That's when I realized I was under HIS wing. I dont know why those guys handled that elderly man as they did, but if I never noticed them I would have simply driven off when my light turned green. If I drove off when my light turned green, I dont think I would be typing this note right now. I dont know why God works how He works, but Scripture says, "His ways are greater than our ways". Some people will call it luck, some people will call it coincidence. I call it being Under His Wing. Thank you for this Love that I do not deserve.

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